Finding Cheap Airfare Is Easy

Every wonder how the guy next to you on the plane found his cheap airfare? What you have never asked the guy what he paid for his seat! This is the best way to find cheap airfare when you travel let me explain:

The last time I flew to Atlanta I got one of the last seats on the plane. I actually surfed the internet for a bit and when I seen that there were no low fares available I went right to Delta’s website and got the last seat. You can see this before you select the flights on Delta’s website. I think they call it seatpointer or something similiar.

When I got on the plane I asked the guy next to me what he paid and he bragged oh I got this round trip for $ 220.00 and he told me the site which I won’t name. My round trip seat cost me $ 178.00. Of course I didnt want to make the guy feel bad so I told him I paid $ 275.00 and told him I booked last minute.

That is when the lady in front of us turned around and joined the conversation. She told us that we were both dummies that if you plan to fly you have to go to the major travel search engines on tuesday nights around midnight this is when the airlines change their fares based on seat availabitiy.

So if they see a flight that isn’t filling up they lower the prices just to get more bodies on the plane. Sounded logigcal to me so I tried this the next time I flew and found an amazing price on my trip to Las Vegas. I used which gave me not only a great price on the flight but also on the hotel.

So my advice is ask the person sitting next to you how they found cheap airfare. The people on the plane usually fly a lot and they know what they are doing.

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